Monday, December 21, 2020

Ginger Snap


When Karen dropped this lovely quilt off on my porch,  I didn't know what was inside the bag.  In Manitoba, we are currently under "Code Red" Covid restrictions so I can't have anyone besides household members inside my house.  When I unfolded the quilt top and saw the one unique block I wondered if there was a story or something that prompted that design choice?

Karen made this quilt in the colors of the last family rabbit Mister Collins who hopped on to heaven in June.  The corner square was included to denote his love of gingersnaps and bananas.  Karen shared a picture of Mister Collins and said I could share it here.


I did share a number of pantograph options for Karen to select from but "Ginger Snap" was perfect in more than one way. 

This is the second time Karen has made this Hungarian Blue Pattern by Clothworks Textiles.  She made it about 10 years ago when their first rabbit Ping hopped on to heaven.  Ping was a black and white Rex and had a lime green color and loved carrots.  I think Karen knocked it out of the park with that one as well.   I was still able to find a copy of the free pattern online and you can download it here.

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  1. Oh the story of two so loved rabbits, and a quilt for each in their own colours, a delight in every way.Mister Collins and Ping, so loved, and the memories will be with Karen always. Love the quilting, fits the design to a T.