Sunday, August 14, 2022

Blue and Green Shall Never Be Seen

This unique quilt with a fun name was made by Shelly.  All of the small double sawtooth star blocks were made for Shelly by members of a Queen Bee swap group that we are both participating in this year.  If you haven't heard of this kind of swap it is pretty simple and lots of fun.  First gather up to 12 quilting friends (we have 10 this time around) and assign everyone a month to be the Queen.  The Queen selects a block and gives some indication of color preferences and each of the other members make 2 blocks and mail them to the Queen in her month. Shelly received these blocks in March and this was the pattern she sent us to use.  Growing up Shelly was told "blue and green should never never be seen" when it came to matching up colors, so she had to request blue and green blocks!

Shelly did some successful quilty math to piece to large centre star.  Shelly had a real vision to keep this quilt feeling modern which is her style.  She knew she wanted vertical lines and loved the idea of keeping them relaxed and casual by keeping the spacing organic and random.  We also wanted to make sure the end product wasn't too stiff by quilting them too close together.

I have to say once again that I love my Innova longarm.  I am able to balance my tension well enough to confidently use a cream thread on the top and a navy thread on the back. 

Shelly is keeping this quilt for her own bed and I hope it is a happy memory of a fun block swap for years to come.


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