Friday, March 15, 2024

Year of Scrappy Triangles

Liz brought this striking quilt in for some custom quilting.  A few members of my local quilt guild got inspired to do some paper piecing and followed The Year of Scrappy Triangles blog post by Leila Gardunia.  They did it at a faster pace, approximately one per day as time allowed.

 The nature of these blocks allow for seemingly endless possibilities for unique layouts.  With the layout Liz selected, the black background to the paper pieced triangles became a prominent and interesting feature to the quilt.  Liz agreed with my suggestion of using a plum thread across the whole quilt.  I added flowing molar feathers to the black bands, lines in the pieced sections for contrast.

I always find it a little tricky to come up with a quilting plan that I like for the friendship star shape.  It took a bit of doodling, but I did get to a design that felt balanced and symmetrical.

I'm including lots of pictures so that you can appreciate all the different piecing in the triangles.

Liz had a multicolored batik backing that matched the richness of the quilt top very well.


  1. Lori- I love how you’ve quilted my piece. The thread is perfect and the design works so well.

  2. All those pieces have come together in a glorious riot of colour, the black shows the design so well, and your quilting a perfect finish.