Monday, July 16, 2012

1600 Bali Pop Quilt

I got an email from Bev a couple of weeks ago asking if I was ready to start taking customer quilts.  I was a little scared and a lot excited.  This is her 1600 quilt.  She made it from one bali pop plus a few strips of her border fabric to make it just a little bit bigger.  Bev is a relatively new quilter, but you would never know it if you looked at her quilt top.  It was flat and square and  perfectly pressed- a gift for the new longarmer for sure!

In progress

 I used Quilters Dream Blend batting, So Fine! thread and the "Come Dance with Me" panto.  I love how the panto looks on this quilt.

And a peak at the back!

Thanks for trusting me with your quilt Bev!


  1. You did a beautiful job Lori, love that panto design.
    Lynn B

  2. Hi Lori!! That Panto is perfect and you are going very well with your quilting!!! You CAN be trusted!!! :) You left a message on my blog...and the panto i used is called Paisley by Urban Elementz. I like it a lot!! ~karen