Monday, November 5, 2012

87 1/2 Blocks Completed

A little update on my Just Takes 2 blocks.  I completed 4 1/2 blocks of the November 1st installment.  I am need to figure out how I am going to proceed with the yellow Wedding Ring block.  Those arcs are meant to be hand appliqued to the background.  The small yellow arcs were supposed to appliqued as well, but I was able to machine piece those in successfully.  I do not have the skill, patience or desire to do a decent job of those large arcs at the moment so I am trying to figure out an alternative.  There was no template provided for the white center, so I may have to draw one myself if I a want to try to machine or hand piece it.  I will let it sit for a while, and hopefully lightning will strike.

It is once again time for the Quilt Maker Magazine 100 Blocks Blog Tour.  If you click the button below it will take you to the Quilty Pleasures Blog that will lead you to all of the fun.  There are 100 blogs to visit over the course of the week, and chances to win copies of the magazine as well as some other great prizes.  I have been very lucky on this tour in the past, and I hope it continues this year.  Make yourself a cup of tea and check it out.

Hopefully we get a break in the cloud cover here in the "City of Sunshine" so I can get some quilt pictures taken to share with you too!


  1. Beautiful blocks! Think you are ahead of your partner! We too are wishing for some sun! Enough already of the clouds and the snow!!!! E

  2. Your doing great. I just love the red and white block and I now once you decide how to finish the yellow one it will look great.