Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bali Pop Placemats & Runner

These place mats and table runner were a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.  They were made from a "Coconut" Bali Pop, with black Kona on the back.  

I wanted to keep the quilting pretty simple so I stitched on the outside of the geese and used a free hand "swirls and tails" motif for the background.  My inspiration for the "swirls and tails"  came from Wendy over at Ivory Spring.  She does beautiful work on her domestic sewing machine and shares her process often.

 I may have to make myself a set of these, as I really liked how they looked on my table!


  1. They turned out great and I really like the quilting designs you used.

  2. Hi!
    Which pattern did you use for the runner and mats?
    I think they'd look great on my table as well! :o)

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Unfortunately you have your settings set to "no reply" so I couldn't email you back directly. I didn't use a commercial pattern for these. I saw something similar to the runner somewhere, but just took a sheet of graph paper and drew it out for myself to the dimensions that would fit on my sister-in -law's table. If you contact me again, I could share more details with you.


    2. Thanks, I feel like I've seen something similar as well, and will give
      it a go with graph paper. Good to exercise the brain. Thanks for your response.