Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sandra's Stars

I always love working on Sandra's quilts because she has a much more modern taste in fabric than I do.  I love this quilt, but can honestly say I would never have carried these fabrics out of the store.

Sandra made this quilt as part of a Mystery when we both lived in Flin Flon.  She chose the Popcorn panto, King Tut thread on top and So Fine! in the bottom along with the Dream Puff batting.

When you combine the puff batting with this wonderful flannel backing fabric you end up with one cuddly quilt!  I think it really could stay in my living room!

This may be the last thing coming off my longarm for a while. Renovations in my studio have begun.  Since we moved into this house 16 months ago we have tackled many projects.  (Thankfully I am married to a wonderfully handy guy and he has done it all himself, with a little help from me here and there.)  We have built a shed, removed a hot tub (it had 4 whole jets), gutted  the kitchen, two bathrooms and laundry room, replaced the exterior doors and countless other more minor projects.  Needless to say my studio wasn't really high on the list.  As part of my Christmas present my hubby has promised that I will have a proper studio before the end of the year.  Here are some before pictures of the guest "bedroom" and studio.  My shelves have been creating a bit of a wall, but it was sorely lacking one thing - a door.  Thankfully all our house guests have been most understanding over the past year.  It certainly is anything special, but I am thankful for the square footage to call my own!

Nolan took Friday off and we cleared almost everything out of the studio and bedroom.  Good bye nasty carpet!  He made great progress over the weekend with the framing, electrical and drywall. We are now at the mudding of the drywall stage.  I am happy to leave my longarm covered up for this phase!  I will be happy when we get to priming the walls and containing the dust.  My stress right now is trying to decide on a paint color to paint of the paneling and new drywall.  I hate this part!  I'll keep you posted on  the progress.



  1. What a productuve weekend! Sanding was my least favorite part of building. You want it smooth but that means sanding, mudding, sanding and with that comes DUST. With all your renos you have had your share of dust. Sandra's quilt is wonderful. Great job, Sandra and Lori. Take care.

  2. Looks like my room....I mean the guest room is coming along nicely! Your doing a great job Nolan :)
    Sandra's quilt looks so nice and cuddly on your couch. It's a lot of fun working on quilts that are made with fabrics we don't normally gravitate towards.

  3. Don't you mean "our" room, Kathy? And yes Nolan is doing a terrific job!
    Sandra's quilt turned out great! You both have excelled!