Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Productive Weekend

Progress was definitely made in my studio this weekend. What a difference a ceiling makes!

Tidying up the wiring and removing the old strapping with the cute help.

Up goes the new grid.

 In go the new lights. (Sure glad I got the optional casters on the longarm!)

 And finally some tiles.

While all this activity was going on downstairs  I was upstairs making some headway on the mystery quilt project that Kathy are teaching at our respective guilds.  My guild meets on the first Thursday of the month so they get the instructions first and Kathy's meet the third Tuesday of the month so they have to wait a little longer.  Normally when I am doing a mystery I like to be a month ahead of what I was teaching. I was way  behind but not anymore!

The 256 HST from January...  apparently some of the ladies around here were using my name a little more colorfully than normal as they were trimming these!  (It was a little scary handing out the February instructions after I found that out!)

No picture of February as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for the Flin Flon crew, but how about a sneak peak at what everyone has to look forward to in March...

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  1. The studio looks great, the lighting fantastic. As for the mystery, you are such a tease. Yes, the ladies had some things to say as they trimmed triangle squares during our UFO day on Saturday. Kathy was present so they were polite.