Monday, May 13, 2013

Quilt Ladder

I hope all the moms reading this had a very relaxing day yesterday.  I had a nice easy day after a busy week that included helping with costumes at five shows of "Grease" at my daughter's high school, and visits from my Mother-in-law and my Mom and Dad to see the show as well as my birthday in the midst of it all.  I did get one special present from my hubby that I wanted to share.  He made me a quilt ladder!

  He designed it to fit beside the fireplace in our living room.  The hearth extends on one side only, so the ladder was the perfect thing to fill the space.  He made it out of Purpleheart as I have always found it very intriguing when wandering around Windsor Plywood.   Purpleheart is really interesting as it is just kind of a greyish brown color when you first cut and sand it, but after it is exposed to UV light is turns a gorgeous purple color.

I feel very spoiled.  I just need to finish something else so I don't have to have a Christmas quilt on the top rung.  Good thing my Mother's Day present was "guilt free shopping" at the fabric store later this week!


  1. Lucky you! I've always wanted a quilt ladder for behind my couch. I have Tim searching quilt ladders plans online right now :)

  2. The ladder is gorgeous, Lori. I love the purple colour. My brother turns pen barrels from purple heart so I have seen bits and pieces of the wood but never such a large piece. Have fun on your shopping trip. I know someone else who is very excited about it. :)