Saturday, July 27, 2013

Curve It Up - Quilted

I quilted one for myself!  I decided not to fold this top up and put it in the cupboard and just get it quilted before our local quilt show this September 28 & 29.

I used the Dream Puff batting so it is really light and cuddly.  I used the Ginseng Panto and a gold Magnifico thread called Clover Honey.  I decided to keep with the metallic feel of all the fabrics of the quilt and use a shiny thread.  I love the results.  These pictures don't really do the thread justice.  I LOVE this thread.  It is smooth, and shiny and did not break once.  It comes in a huge range of colors too.  I hope one of my clients wants shiny thread soon as I can't wait to have a reason to order more!

Here are a few of my the blocks up close.

And here is my favorite part of the whole thing - the back. I had one extra block that was just a little too light in color so I decided to put in on the back.  I  pressed the edges under 1/4" and top-stitched it to the backing before I loaded it on the longarm.  I think it makes an otherwise boring back a little more interesting.

Now isn't this the cutest pincushion!  My friend Robin is a fellow owl lover and was just in town visiting.  She made him for me.  I am so spoiled! Thanks, Robin!

 Kendra caught another shot of our baby robins.  They are hard to see, but she told me how much their feathers are changing.  One more month of summer - where is the time going?


  1. Love the extra block on the back, very modern looking.
    The Puff batting worked well and really shows off the panto design.

  2. The panto is a great choice on this one Lori, and that orphan block on the back is perfect. I hadn't thought of topstitching one on...just that it would be a pain to piece one in...great trick.

    And I second your opinion on the Magnifico thread, love it.

  3. How pretty! I love the colors and the quilting, and nice touch on the back.