Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Anita's Christmas

I recently had the pleasure of quilting this stunning applique quilt for Dorothy.  The pattern is called "Anita's Christmas Quilt" by P3 Designs.  Dorothy's color choices are very different from the original and give the quilt a totally different look.  (These pictures really don't do it justice!)

 Dorothy does exquisite hand applique.  The amount of work involved to complete the 12 blocks is almost hard for me to imagine, but when you add in the scallop detail around every block and in the outside border - wow!  My goal was to let Dorothy's fabrics and hand work shine, which meant a lot of stitching in the ditch.  I chose simple piano keys in the outer border to frame the quilt, feathers in the dark green and a simple swirl in the black sashing that mimicked the motif in the fabric.

I am going to include lots of pictures for you to enjoy.  I loved looking at every single block so I couldn't leave any out.


Thank you for trusting me with your quilt Dorothy, it was truly a pleasure!


  1. Beautiful quilting on a wonderful quilt! You really highlighted Dorothy's applique beautifully and I love how you quilted the outer border with piano keys and hook feathers.

  2. Stunning! I love Dorothy's color choices on this quilt! And your quilting enhances it perfectly. Love!