Monday, March 3, 2014

Road Trip & Round Robins

I had the opportunity this weekend to hit the road with a few quilting buddies from Dauphin to travel to one of our "local" quilt stores to meet up with some other quilting buddies from Flin Flon.  We traveled 170 km from Dauphin to Swan River to meet at Fabriculous, but you won't hear me complaining as the trip from Flin Flon to Swan River is 370 km!  What quilters won't do for fabric!

Manitoba map

The hospitality was great and everyone seemed to find something they needed. Here we are just before getting back on the road - Audrey, Kathy, Sandra, Lynn, me and Reneta.

Fabriculous was having a 40% off sale on Stonehenge fabrics so I took the opportunity to stock up on some backings.  

Kathy and I also did a little Highway 10 Designs "business".  We have an idea for a new pattern that uses fat quarters and we thought the piles from our stashes were going to work together, but until you see them in person you just never know.  On the left was my fabric, the center was Kathy's and the right was some new pieces we picked up for more variety.  I am excited to start playing with these!

Kathy had also received the paper copies of our Lug Nuts pattern so I got my hands on those too.  Kathy and I both have them available for our local quilters, and they are also available in our Etsy shop.

The other thing that Kathy and I did was exchange blocks for a Round Robin that we are participating in with two quilters from Australia.  The 4 of us participating are Kathy from Tamarack Shack, Desley from Addicted to Quilts, Bronwyn from Pussycat Quilts and me. We will each take a turn working on each other's block, but receive our own back in the end.  Kathy is overseeing this Round Robin exchange and the first instruction was to create a 12" non directional block of our choice.  This is how everyone's started out.



We were given a deadline to have them in the mail so they could arrive on the other side of the world before the second instruction was revealed.  The second instruction was to add any kind of border we liked, the only restriction was no applique.

I worked on Bronwyn's block.  I knew I wanted to work the half square triangles from the corners of Bronwyn's original block into my border design. We are only sending blocks and no fabric for this exchange, so I have to thank Sherry for letting me shop her stash to find a fabric that complimented the block better than what I had!

Desley worked on my block.  I wish I could see it in person!

Bronwyn worked on Kathy's.

And Kathy worked on Desley's.  I now have this one to work on for the next round.  Time to put my thinking cap on!  Thanks for letting me play this game with you ladies, it is fun to be surprised!

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