Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baby Girl Quarter Sections

 I was invited to a baby shower for a cousin of mine and needed a quick quilt for the new baby girl as I didn't have a lot of time to get it in the mail.  Quarter Sections to the rescue!    My girls helped me pick out the 5 fat quarters and border fabric at Fabriculous in Swan River.

We decided on cuddle fabric for the back, which isn't my usual choice, but it does show off the quilting really nicely.  The panto I put on this one is called "Heart Strings."

And before it was time for it to get in the mail I couldn't resist a photo with our original baby boy version of the pattern. 

The Quarter Sections pattern is available in our Etsy shop or Craftsy shop.  


  1. Really sweet little quilt! Such a lovely gift!

  2. I am really like each Quarter Section quilt I see. I am awaiting my paper copy. I love the Heart Strings panto. Perfect for a baby quilt and more.