Friday, June 6, 2014

Crayon Quilt

This is the fabric art project that I recently completed for the Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education as part of their Taras Shevchenko 200 Celebrations.  I had the pleasure of working with approximately 90 students from grades K-8. They used crayons on stabilized cotton fabric to create this lovely art.  The older students did all of the heat setting as well. My task was then to piece, quilt and bind it.  It will be on display at a variety of venues across the province over the next year along with 5 other pieces created by other artists in other school divisions.

Students in K-2 focused their art on where Taras Shevchenko was born.

The grade 3 to 5/6 students focused on his writings - poetry and songs.

And the students in Grades 6-8 focused on what Taras Shevchenko stood for.

I enjoyed custom quilting every block and highlighting the details that the students put into their work.

 And the magic binding technique came in handy once again.  I really suggest you try it at least once!


  1. A very beautiful story quilt. It looks like all went well. The colours are nice and bright. The students and the teacher/piecer/longarmer are to be congratulated. I hope to get to see this quilt in person some day. :)

  2. A great piece of art Lori (and friend). What a neat project to be a part of, although I'm sure it wasn't quite as easy as your post has made it sound.