Monday, July 21, 2014

Kyla's Quilt

This is a quilt that I started for my daughter Kyla way back in 2010.  I participated in the Sister's Choice block swap hosted by Shannon at the Piecful Kwilter. We made 12 blocks that were identical using bright batiks and Kona black. All the participants were to sign the front of their block discretely with their name and where they lived. We sent them to Shannon, she shuffled them up and sent us 12 back, including one of our own.  My block is in the bottom left corner of the picture below.

I knew I wanted to do some custom quilting on this one, but didn't want to quilt it within an inch of its life so it would still be soft.  Kyla, now 16,  had a lot of input into the quilting designs.  She really wanted me to use variegated thread on the black.  I was a little hesitant, but glad I went for it as we are both really happy with the results.

The blocks were framed with this motif in the sashing between the small blue stars.  The thread is a blue/green/purple Lava.

The blocks themselves had a mix of continuous curves, loops and swirls in a So Fine thread that blended fairly well into the block fabrics.

Kyla requested feathers in the outer border.  I added a curl every so often for to break it up a little. It was very scary getting started on this as I knew I couldn't hide anything, but things went really smoothly with my favorite "less stress feathers".

Here is a shot of the black back that shows the quilting (as well as some lint!).  I used Quilter's Dream Midnight Poly batting and Kona black for the back.


  1. Awesome!! It looks great!! Geez, has iteally been 4 years??

  2. Your quilting looks awesome and really enhances this quilt. Good choices between you and your daughter :-)

  3. Beautiful quilting, it doesn't steal anything from piecing but highlights it!

  4. It's gorgeous Lori. Love the brights on the black background, and the stitching on the black is lovely.

  5. Kyla's quilt looks terrific ! Love the variegated thread on the black! Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  6. It is just fabulous Lori! Congrats on a job well done.