Thursday, July 17, 2014

Simple and Striking

This quilt was sent to me by Trina.  She made it for her son who just graduated and is off to University in the fall.  He didn't think he needed at quilt at first, but Trina wore him down and decided on a simple pattern. After seeing the first couple of rows, Chris asked if Trina could add a little bit of red, and her layout took shape.

The backing in pieced in a large scale version of the front.  Keeping with the simple theme, the "Dazzle" panto was the choice. 

Trina asked for one bit of personalization in the quilting, which I always love to do.  The request was for the number 14 to be quilted into a corner in red thread. 

After completing the stitching on the front, I used my template on my pantograph at the back of the machine to show me where I needed to stop so that I wouldn't stitch through the numbers.  I repositioned the template as I advanced the quilt.

Here is the end result with the panto surrounding the lettering.  This is the first time that I did something like this is the midst of a panto, and I was very pleased with the outcome.  And it really wasn't a lot of futzing about either!

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  1. What a great's simplicity makes it striking. I love that pattern you have used... it is one of my favourites too. Love also the clever way you did the number and it looks great. Well done Lori.