Sunday, February 1, 2015

Italian Tiles


This wonderful quilt belongs to Dorothy.  The pattern is called Italian Tiles from the book Strip Therapy 8 by Brenda Henning.

 Dorothy chose the "Yo-Yo" panto and I used a variagated Lava thread.  As the top and the back were both very dark we decided that Quilter's Dream Midnight poly batting would be a good choice.

I think the thin black accent in this pattern really makes it.  I did ask Dorothy if it was hard to work with, and she said it went together very nicely.

And once again, things made with a Cappuccino Bali Pop, just look great in my living room ;)!


  1. This is truly beautiful, and the other patterns in the book, how would you decide which one to stitch first? Love the colour choices and the quilting.

  2. It turned out really great and I'm betting that you had a hard time giving that one back to her.