Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This darling baby quilt was made by Reneta.  The pattern is called "Cora" and it was designed by one of my "local" fabric store owners - Wendy at Fabriculous.  (I can get there in under 2 hours, so by my standards she is indeed local!)

Reneta requested simple quilting for this one.  So I decided to add a mix of hearts and flowers in the squares.  It was really fun to do.

Reneta loves a cuddle backing, and I do have to say it shows off the quilting very nicely.  I used Quilter's Dream Puff batting to keep it nice and light, a shiny lavender Magnifico thread for the top and a pink Bottom Line on the back.

A great pattern to keep in mind when you need a fast baby quilt.

We had a chance to get dressed up this weekend for the Dauphin Detachment Regimental Ball.  Thankfully one of the other members was taking photographs as everyone came in, as this is the only photo I have of us all night.

We have won the battle with the concrete in our back yard.  This is how it looks right now.  We are waiting on a guy with a bobcat to dig out the sections that do not have the right base for paving stones.  You can see the blue flagging tape  in the grass - we are extending the patio to that point.  The second photo is taken standing on the driveway.  I think the larger patio will help to unify the back yard.  Our only access to the back yard is from the driveway and across the patio.  A lot of work still ahead, but at least there is some progress!

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