Saturday, May 16, 2015

Long Weekend Warriors

I haven't been posting any quilts as other parts of my life have been taking priority- day job, company, concerts, meetings and now the start of a little backyard overhaul.  We have an old sunken patio in our backyard that has been needing our attention for a couple of years.  We tried to get some contractors out to look at it last summer but every seemed too busy as we couldn't even get a quote, so we decided we would tackle it ourselves this year.  Step 1 rip out the old patio.

I decided I could be most helpful on the jack hammering as the wheelbarrow was a little too heavy for me manage to load the trailer.

Yes, I know my day 1 choice of footwear was not ideal, but I was wearing gloves, safety glasses and ear defenders!

So when breaking up concrete to haul away, the last thing you want to discover is a second thicker layer of concrete underneath!!!
End of day 1, the trailer is ready for the first trip to the dump in the morning.
Day 2, I have upgraded my footwear!
End of day 2, and Nolan has made 4 trips to the dump.  Our dump weighs you in and out, so he was quite impressed when he looked at the receipts to find what he thought was 7,330lbs.  Turns out the dump uses kgs, so that brings the total so far to 16,139 lbs!  No wonder he was totally spent loading and unloading it all! We would have been done today, if the upper 4-5" layer was all we were dealing with, but the bonus 8-10" layer underneath has not helped. This job has turned out to be much larger than we ever could have guessed!  Our poor mama robin who chose once again to nest on our patio light must be regretting that decision, no babies here yet, but she is taking good care of the eggs.

This fun is scheduled to start again tomorrow afternoon.  We both need a little time to recoup tomorrow morning!


  1. Rest, a hot spa, lots of "antiflamme" or whatever you have there to help those aching muscles. Wow, you did a great/wonderful/ extra special job with the jack hammer. What a huge trailer load, do they charge for you to dump it? Our transfer station does, and it goes by weight!!! Happy day tomorrow.

  2. Whoa!! You are crazy!! ...said that mama robin!
    That is a huge job!!

  3. I think I might have cried when I discovered the second layer!

  4. Oh my! Its all I can say. Once the old is gone I am sure the job will be less arduous. My muscles are sympathy aching for you.

  5. Wow! I'm very impressed...looking forward to seeing the progress.