Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eileen's Lug Nuts Quilt

This is Eileen's version of the Lug Nuts quilt pattern.  Because the Lug Nuts pattern only uses 9- one yard cuts of fabric, Eileen was able to make this quilt entirely from her stash. (I dare say it really didn't make a huge dent in her stash!)  I was over visiting and helped her pick out the 3 creams, 3 greens and 3 browns that she turned into this striking quilt.

Eileen chose the "Breath of the Gods" panto, a green/beige Stonehenge wide backing,  and Quilter's Dream Blend batting.

I do have to say, I still get a lot of joy from seeing our Highway 10 Designs patterns come to life in the hands of other quilters. Thanks Eileen, it was truly my pleasure working on this one!


  1. With just these fabrics, a stunning result, and super photos that show so much detail.

  2. Great pattern...this quilt always looks awesome!

  3. What a striking quilt, and your quilting is perfection. I am still learning...sigh.