Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eileen's Uneven Zigzag Quilt

I have to admit that when Eileen dropped this quilt top off, it had me stumped as to what kind of quilting it should have.  It has quite a modern feel, even though the fabrics pulled from her stash to make this one were tone on tones that were more "classic" than modern.  The HST are 9" in size so the scale was quite a bit larger than most of the chevron type quilts that are out there.

I auditioned several pantos, but nothing seemed quite right.

I threw my kind of out-there concept of just parallel lines out to Eileen, and apparently she had enough faith in me to give me the go ahead.  I am super happy with the end result!

During the quilting process all three members of my family stopped by to tell me how they thought I might have lost my mind, but once the decision was made it was quite relaxing!  Eileen did a great job piecing the top, so everything lined up nicely.  I used a ruler to stitch in the ditch between the rows and around the zig-zags, and my homemade channel lock clamps to do the rest of the lines.  They are spaced 1" apart.

 Eileen chose my navy Stonehenge wide backing and Quilter's Dream blend batting.  I used a murky green So Fine thread on the top that played nicely with all the different colors.

The pattern for this quilt comes from the Summer 2014 edition of Fons and Proter's Easy Quilts.

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  1. Something new for both of you. The end result is fabulous. A very excited Eileen shared on her way home. Congrats to both of you.