Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jelly Roll Quilt - Makeover

This quilt started out looking quite different than it does now.  Reneta wanted to make a 1600 or jelly roll race quilt, but make it bigger than it comes out with one jelly roll, so she used two.  It turns out you end up with an extremely long and skinny quilt that way. ;(
 When we were attending a quilting retreat at Fabriculous last fall, Reneta let Kathy and I hack her quilt top up, shop for the additional fabric required and give her a new plan for this quilt.  You can see the results above.  With the leftovers from what Kathy and I came up with, Reneta made the lap quilt you see below that I quilted in the spring. (My original post about this quilt is here.)

 Reneta and I decided on the Tickle panto and a lovely purple Magnifico thread.  She provided a wide cuddle backing and I used Quilter's Dream Puff Batting.


  1. It quilted up so nice! Yes that was a lot of fun hacking up Reneta's quilt at the retreat. Wonder if we get to do that again at this months retreat?

  2. Your "revised" quilt is so great, Reneta. You were wise to let "those girls" at it. I am sure they will find something to improve at our next retreat. Great job with the quilting, Lori.