Sunday, November 13, 2016

Susan's Leaf Row Quilt

This blog has been silent for much longer than I anticipated.  The fall has been zooming by a record speed and I haven't found the time to keep up with sharing all of the beautiful quilts that I have been working on.  Time to change that!  This beautiful quilt was pieced by Susan.  I love how Susan creatively handled a small shortage of her border fabric by using her sashing fabric in opposite corners.

 Susan wanted very simple quilting so selected the Raindrops panto graph.

Susan is a true quilter and wanted to create a unique back using a leftover row and fabrics from her stash.  I had a little trepidation when I load the backing as I was worried there might be a risk of pleats and puckers, but Susan's careful measuring and pressing made for a flat and square back that didn't cause any problems even with a mix of cottons, batiks and pieced blocks.

I was also impressed once again with how my Innova handled the job.  Where this leaf row on the back lines up with the row on the front of the quilt I was at times sewing through 4 layers of fabric, fusible interfacing and batting and I didn't have a single thread break or tension issue!  Love my Innova!


  1. Beautiful, from top to toe and back and front. Lovely pieced backing, and what a great border. Then the quilting, raindrops sounds like a perfect name for autumn coloured leaves.

  2. Susan's quilt is gorgeous and your quilting brings it full circle. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern she used?

  3. It's great to see the same pattern quilted custom and E2E. Nice to have the comparison. Aren't the Innova's wonderful? I never worry about backing seams.