Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Double Wedding Ring Table Runner

I made this Double Wedding Ring Table Runner using the Quiltworx pattern called Forever Yours.  The arcs are paper pieced from batik jelly roll strips. The pattern is well drafted and the curves pieced together really well.  I love the look and it is definitely something I would make again.

It is easier to see the quilting designs in this picture of while it was in progress on my frame.  Sometimes I get questions about how much marking I do for certain designs.  I always do the minimum amount of marking I can, but in order to keep a reasonable amount of symmetry in the centre motif, I knew I needed a few reference points.  I marked the diagonal lines as well and the horizontal and vertical ones as those would show me where my feather spine needed to land.  I also drew the four little ovals that would be the empty spaces that the first feather plume would nestle into.  

My feather plumes motifs are far from identical, but there is enough similarity for it to be pleasing to the eye without being too stuffy.

I decided this runner would be the perfect gift for an aunt of mine, and I couldn't in good conscience give it without making sure those rich burgundy batiks would not bleed onto the background fabric when she washed it.

I have to admit I was a little scared of the idea of washing it myself, but I decided to follow the instructions in the article "Save my Bleeding Quilt" written by a fellow fabric dyer and quilter that I respect - Vicki Welsh of Colorways by VickiWelsh.  She is very scientific in her test methods, so I felt confident to go ahead.

After a 12 hour dip in the tub with some blue Dawn  dishsoap, my quilt came out perfectly.  (You really need to go and read the whole article for all the details.)

When I dropped this little gift off with my aunt, this got to come and live with me!  It was my Grandmothers and I will share more about it tomorrow.


  1. I have done Vickie's quilt soaking method many times since I use batiks exclusively. What a relief it is to have a reliable method to set the colors in a quilt. Very pretty runner...and what a delightful gain with the treadle that came home with you!

  2. Oooh I love the runner but the treadle is precious as it was your grandmothers. What a wonderful way to remember her by using it.