Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stars and Logs

This beauty was made by Muriel.  Muriel is the mother-in-law of my good friend and fellow quilter Sandra.  Muriel usually quilts her own quilts on her domestic machine - (even the giant Thimbleberries Block of the Month kind), but decided to mix things up with this one.  

I sent a variety of panto suggestions that would offer nice even texture, and Muriel narrowed it down to a few favorites, but left the ultimate decision of thread and panto to Sandra and I.  Plush was on all our short lists and I think the end result is really nice.

Muriel was able to find this wide backing that complimented the quilt so well.

This pattern was adapted from a Block of the Month called "Stars and Logs" from a now closed quilt store.  (I couldn't locate a pattern by that name in my quick internet search.)


  1. Wow!!! The pattern, the fabrics, the design and then the panto quilting, and a backing just made for it.