Friday, February 24, 2017

30s Reproduction and Applique

This pretty quilt was made by Janice.  It is so different than what I make, I was really excited to get it on my machine.

I wanted to keep the quilting simple enough to let the charming applique and cute 1930s reproduction fabric shine through.  Stippling behind the applique just seemed to be the right fit.

I quilted in all the white areas, but quilted beside the colored areas.  Some curves and loops worked well in the nine patch and triangle areas.

And some simple feathers in the two outside borders finished off the look. 

Janice has more 30s fabric on the back. I love that it was a color instead of just plain white.

And a few more pictures, just because it is so pretty!


  1. Wow, lost for words!!!, beautiful quilt, stunning applique, and your addition is a perfect finish. Are you doing the 150 Canadian Women all in blue? I like them, and think I'll swap to blues or/and greens when half way through. I didn't have many reds to start with, well, really only 1 or 2, and have done a swap, mine were posted when our daughter and family were in B.C. for 2 weeks skiing, a HUGE saving on postage rather than from NZ. Some of mine have arrived here, the balance come with Annette when they stay tonight. It'll be like Christmas. What a wonderful group, and all so positive and cheerful with lovely comments. I am so fortunate to be included, as a " Way Down Under" member.

  2. Нежно и прекрасно!

  3. Very pretty. The quilting is perfect to highlight the wonderful workmanship. Great job, Janice and Lori.