Friday, April 7, 2017

A Treasure for Megan

Every once in awhile I get to work on a quilt that has an interesting story.  This quilt that Marilyn put together for her granddaughter Megan  is one of those quilts.  The Dresden Plate block you see below was made in the 1930s by Megan's Great-Great-Great Grandmother.  Those aren't '30's reproduction fabrics, they are the real thing!   I love personalizing quilts, so Marilyn and I decided quilting Megan's name in the centre of this block would be just the right touch.

 If that was not cool enough, this cross stitched block was made in the 1960s by Megan's great grandmother!

Marilyn prefers lighter quilting, rather than a lot of feathers or other dense motifs, so I did my best to honor that request.   I did a dimple crosshatch right across the cross stitch with my 100 wt Micro Quilter thread.  I used the MicroQuilter on the Dresdenn plate as well.

I used the "onions and garlic" border, swirls, and a ribbon meander in the background. The leaves jut got some simple continuous curves.

I'm sure Megan will treasure the quilt that was made with love by generations of women in her family.  It was an honour to work on it.

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