Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Amy's Hexagon Star Stack 'n Whack

Amy made this quilt in a workshop at the guild we both attend.  This quilt is an attention getter for sure, but is very far removed from Amy's taste or style.  Amy usually makes more modern masterpieces like this, or this, or this.

After all the careful pinning and cutting and sewing that goes into a stack 'n whack quilt, an all over designs never quite feels right to me, so I decided on an equally affordable freehand option.  For this freehand quilting I did not use a ruler, or do any Stitch in the Ditch, or change thread colors.  A simple continuous curve in the kaleidoscope hexagons, three loops in the black triangles.  I did 3's an e's in the green background, a wavy line in the skinny border and big swirls in the outer border.

There is so many interesting designs created with this process!  Amy went all in and chose my red Stonehenge backing.  I think it look great.  I'm hoping that Amy like this quilt a little more now that the work is done and its quilted!


  1. It looks great Amy and great choices for the quilting.

  2. 3's and e's are great, and the swirls in the border a beaut outside finish. The final photo, what a way to show off that pattern, it is a beauty, and the lime green and black show the colours so well.