Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This sweet quilt was made jointly by Reneta and Amyfor a fellow quilting friend who just welcomed a baby girl into her family.  The pattern is "The Kittens" by Elizabeth Hartman.    Reneta and Amy dug into their stashes for a beautiful selection of pink fabrics for the kittens.   

This quilt has a bit of a fun story.  To preface, I need to tell you that Reneta and Amy are both cat crazy!  (I may only know one other person who loves cats more.)  Sheri, the new mom,  on the other hand is a dog person through and through.  Sheri, Reneta and Amy all love a good joke and can dish out the teasing as well as they can take it. So of course, the first thought is to make a cat quilt for the dog person!  Reneta and Amy think every little girl should have a kitty to love and they knew the only way that would happen is with kitties on this quilt.  Here is Darby with her loving puppy and alone to see her beautiful face.

Reneta and Amy left the quilting design up to me, and I did this wavy line/bubble combination.  Reneta said it looked like a ball of yarn loose on the quilt top.  

The backing fabric was something new to me.  It is a chenille type of cuddle fabric.  It quilted up fine as it really isn't any thicker than regular cuddle, but it is MESSIER when you trim it!   Ugh!



  1. I had a good laugh when I saw Sheri got a kitten quilt and Darby looks so happy on it. Great job Reneta, Amy and Lori!

  2. They threatened to send me a real kitty! Rotten brats!