Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Two for Donna

Donna made this quilt for as a grad gift for her grandson.  Donna added the Browning Buck mark logo for a little special interest.  When I saw the camouflage fabric and the logo, I immediately suggested my freehand woodgrain for the quilting pattern.  I think it was the perfect choice and looks cool on the brown flannel backing.

Of all the quilts I have quilted for Donna, this is the first one that she is keeping for herself.  She asked me to quilt this wallhanging for her, and I took some cues from the fabric patterns to help make my design choices.

I added straight lines to the ribbon in the centre, and varying width piano keys in the border, and a string of pearls  in the small gold border.  My favorite part are the "nemeshing" style feather in the blue sections.

The quilting shows up amazingly well on the solid backing.

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  1. Donna's wall hanging is stunning, and your quilting shows the fabrics and pattern perfectly.And the Browning Buck logo, I should have guessed where that came from. What a wonderful gift.