Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Dawn made this super cheerful quilt and it certainly brightened my day when I was working on it.  The pattern is called Sunrise and it was a kit from V and Co. fabrics.

Dawn decided on the Fluffy Clouds panto (in like 10 seconds flat!) and requested Dream Puff batting and it made for a very nice result.

In all the photos I took I put the yellow to the top of the quilt - I guess that is how my eye saw it.  Interestingly, the pattern show this quilt with the yellow at the bottom.  To each his own I guess!
Image of Sunrise Quilt Pattern-PDF


  1. Dark at them bottom and yellow at the top, that is how I see it. Beautiful quilting, and the name " Fluffy Clouds" fits in so well with the colours of sunrise or sunset. I love those pear shaped teardrops in the panto.

  2. I really like that one and the quilting works really well with the pattern. Nicely done.