Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cindy's Bargello

This stunning bargello quilt was made by Cindy.  The pattern she followed was called "Flamingo Bargello" by Chi Chi Quilt Designs.  

Although this quilt would have finished up nicely with an allover design, it was telling me it wanted custom quilting.  A mixture of big relaxed feathers and straight lines play nicely together and highlight the movement in the quilt.

Here you can see the quilting clearly on the light beige backing Cindy sent.

Deciding where to put the feathers and lines and getting organized was my biggest challenge.  I took photos of the fabrics I wanted to group together and made notes as to the top and bottom threads I was going to use for each section.  Isn't it interesting to see the wide variety of fabrics that made up this quilt?

This is the selection of threads that I used to quilt this one.  Normally I match my bobbin thread to the backing fabric, but as the contrast between the backing and the quilt front was very high in some places, I decided the better choice for this quilt was to match top and bobbin thread colors.

Great job Cindy - it was definitely worth and the careful sewing and pressing!


  1. Great job! I always match the top and the bobbin thread colors.

  2. Wow, another stunner!! And against the snow, those colours and the quilting lines show off so well.