Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hoffman Bali Tiles

I recently quilted this cheerful quilt for Michelle.  The colorful squares are from Hoffman Batiks and were sold a few years back under the name "Bali Tiles."  I was stumped as to how to quilt the tiles for awhile as I didn't want to take away from their crisp designs.  There weren't too many quilted examples out on the web.  Of the few I saw, the tiles designs were outlined and echoed, but that didn't feel right for this quilt.  I took a few photos of the quilt top and started doodling on my favorite app "Draw on Photos."  I decided simple on the tiles and some feathers in the solid black might be the perfect balance.  I sent my doodle off to Michelle and she gave me the go ahead.

Here you can see the final result.  Michelle provided a poly batt and the quilting showed up well, especially with batiks on both the front and back.  I used a grey Microquilter thread over the tiles.  You can see I changed up my designs for the cornerstones as I didn't want to have dark purple thread on the white squares.


Those black triangles were calling for me to play in them.  I used a variegated purple Fantastico thread which shows up well but doesn't draw too much attention to itself.

I was pleasantly surprised at the pattern that emerged on the back.


  1. The repeats in the sashing and border, then those black triangles, they are all stunning.

  2. That's a gorgeous quilt, and your quilting adds another layer of "stunning" to it! LOVE the back side too!