Friday, April 6, 2018

Ring Toss

Vanda made this quilt for a special family friend that she is going to be visiting.  The pattern is called Ring Toss and was from the Summer 2014 edition of Quilter's World Magazine.

We decided on the "Joust" panto.  I haven't' used this one in awhile, but I always love how it looks stitched out.

Vanda provided a very pieced backing, some might call it another quilt top!  She was not happy with the leafy print in combination with her other fabrics, and didn't want to include those blocks on the front, so she re-purposed them as part of the back.  If you want to do something like this for a backing, you have to be extremely careful that you measure carefully.  If there is any extra fabric in a pieced quilt backing it can be very difficult to avoid pleats as it is out of sight during the quilting process (extra fabric has to go somewhere).  Fortunately for me, Vanda is a a very careful and accurate piecer and presser and there were no issues for me to worry about.

1 comment:

  1. Love the blocks, both front and back, and the leaf fabric is perfect to use on the other side. Still some snow lingering there .