Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hudson Bay Point Blanket Quilt

This modern quilty take on a traditional Hudson Bay point blanket was made by Amy for a friend who loves all things Hudson Bay.  Amy used this tutorial From Miss Make.

Originally when we talked about how to quilt this one, Amy and I discussed straight horizontal lines.  When she showed me the backing that she had chosen, I suggested a change in plan.  I love the Buffalo check backing, but the odds of parallel lines from the front being parallel to the print on the back were slim to none!   So instead of the quilt ending up looking like the quilter was drunk quilting, we decided to look at pantograph options.

I have all my pantograph pattern traced on clear plastic that I lay over the quilt top to help envision what the end result will be.  Sometimes the shapes in a pantograph suit the quilt, but the scale does not.   This set up photographs quite well, so if we can't be in the same place I will send my client a selection of different pantographs on their top so they can choose.  Amy and I thought "Maple Syrup" was this icing on this Canadian quilt cake.

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  1. I like the choice. I have my pantos traced out too and it truly helps to decide which one suits the top the best.