Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Quetico and Quilting

Last week was spent on our annual family canoe trip.  This time out we ventured a little farther afield to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario.  We were hoping the longer drive and booking fees would be worth it, and it did not disappoint. 

We did a route starting in Beaverhouse Lake that took us 40 miles, and 7 portages.  We traveled through Beaverhouse, Unnamed,  Cirrus, Kasakokwog and Quetico Lakes.  We all agreed it was the easiest trip we did.  Good weather helped.  The only tricky part was the low water level in McAlpine Creek after the portage between Kasakokwog and Quetico, which resulted in an unexpected and tiring slog. 

Our humble abodes, and one of our campsites with an almost counter height "cooking rock."

So peaceful and relaxing!

Here is the Nova Craft canoe that Kyla and I paddle loaded with our gear.  We have room for more, but are thankful there isn't more when it comes time to portage.

And our second boat, the "Nolan Craft", hand made skin on frame made by my husband. (If you are curious there is more about this canoe here.)  We each have a personal pack and two barrels for the food and cooking/camp supplies.

One of the big treats on this route was the number of beaches we saw on Quetico lake.  We had this glorious beach all to ourselves!  Other days were spent swimming off slimy rocks to cool off and clean up, but this beach was not soon going to be matched!

I have also been trying to keep up with some quilting!  Here is yet another scrappy quilt of Reneta's.
We used the Flirtatious pantograph.  

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  1. Aha, I can see a padded cushion on the seat, what a great canoe, and the making, I hopped back to that post. Labour intensive, maybe some bribery there, and all hands on deck to help with those tricky parts. Love the scenery, a dream place to live and camp.