Thursday, April 25, 2019

Catching Up!

I have been busy quilting, but have not kept up with posting so here goes!

Marilyn brought me this quilt that she made with all the leftovers from her Lug Nuts quilt that I recently quilted for her.  You can see the original here.  Super resourceful!  Marilyn chose the Ebb & Flow pantograph and a charcoal colored thread.

Eleanor sent me the autumnal colored Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.  I had the perfect Stonehenge wide back to compliment it.  I decided on the Mimosa pantograph.

Isabelle put together this cozy flannel top with a animal panel and some complimentary borders.  She decided on the Novaya Zhizn pantograph. 

Jamie brought this bright and bold top.  The border print is totally unique and she added a bold backing to continue the fun. 

I haven't used the Hall of Mirrors pantograph in awhile, but I love the calming modern touch it gave to the quilt.

Knowing that I offered basting as one of my services, Debbie asked if I would be able to help with her duvet project.  Debbie had been given some home grown wool batts from her uncle's specialty sheep.  She had made one duvet a number of years ago and tied it, but wasn't 100% pleased with the results as the wool did shift some as the wool was just carded and didn't have a scrim to stabilize it.  I was up for giving it a go!

I loaded the solid fabrics like I would for a regular quilt, and sandwiched the gorgeous wool in between. (Interestingly, the batts went by weight rather than size.)  I stitched horizontal channels every 4 inches with a hybrid stitch length - longer than my regular quilting stitch, but much shorter than my basting stitches as these were not to be removed.

We were both pleased with the final product.  Debbie was going to trim the batting and turn the backing to the front to finish the edges, and then sew some pretty covers to go over top.

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  1. What a wonderful duvet with the fleece. And Lug Nuts leftovers made a super quilt.