Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Dog Gone Cute (With Kittens too)


This cute quilt was made by Reneta, Amy & Shalane and will be used as a Fundraising Raffle quilt for out local Humane Society. The ladies pooled their time, talents and fabrics and knowing them, I'm sure a lot of fun was had along the way.

The ladies combined two blocks from two favorite designers to come up with their unique design.

The cat blocks are from the pattern "The Kittens" by Elizabeth Hartman.


I love the variety of fabrics included, especially this "Blueberry Cat."

The ladies' request for me was to quilt  paw prints on the quilt top.  They offered to get a paw print pantograph, but I thought a could add them freehand instead.  I decided to quilt a few paw print paths across the top and fill in the rest with some modern wavy lines.

We added the grey Northcott Essentials wide backing to compliment the modern feel.

I think we are all pleased the with end result.  Looking at this quilt makes me smile.

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  1. A wonderful fund-raising quilt,and pawprints, a great way to quilt the blocks with those cute cats and dogs.