Tuesday, November 26, 2019

International Exchange Rounds 4 & 5

Remember these fabulous blocks? I haven't posted an update on this exchange since May!   We got a little off our schedule because of some health and life issues.  We all agreed that this supposed to be fun and not stress inducing so we added some time in where needed   Round 4 reveal came in too close to my move for me to post it so now I will share round 4 and the final round 5.

The Round 4 theme was curved piecing.  Everyone definitely had their own spin on it.  Only rules were that the curves needed to be sewn and to use our focus fabric somewhere.

 My block is called Potter's Wheel by Briar Hill Designs.  I  hope to make the whole quilt pattern some day.

Desley had a cool take on a card trick block.

Browyn used a lot of the focus fabric in her concentric circles.

And Kathy did a curved pinwheel.

For our final round we thought a nod to the floral focus fabric would be in order.  So any block you could interpret as floral was the request.  

My block used a lot of the focus fabric in both the background and foreground.

Bronwyn wowed me with her teeny tiny hexies!  I'm sure they are hand pieced.  Remember we all make 4 identical blocks to share! 

Desley gave us the log cabin flower variation.

And Kathy used simple petals for her flower.

This is third exchange that we have done as group, and it has been super fun to see how differently everyone used the focus fabrics and themes.  Our next deadline is to have our blocks put together into a top by May.  Here is a summary of what everyone did.

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  1. Every one is so pretty, and what a fun way to do blocks and have others join in,That feature fabric shows up so well in every different way.