Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Beautiful Batiks, Hawaiian Applique and a great trade!

This lovely Hawaiian applique pillow is actually mine!  There is a good story behind it coming to be.  My dear friend Kathy brought back the kit for me on her Hawaiian holiday last fall.  The fabrics were beautiful batiks in colours I love so I was very excited.  Upon closer inspection of the kit, I came to realize it was laser cut for needle turn applique.  Those of you who know me, know that I am highly allergic to hand applique.  When I mentioned this last point to Kathy, her response was, "You are creative, you will figure something out!"

The best way for this kit to get completed was for someone with hand applique skills to tackle it.  My new quilting group "In Stitches" has quite a number of ladies who enjoy hand work and are skilled to say the least.  I took this kit with me to a sewing night and asked Marion if she would be interested in a trade.  I offered longarm quilting services in exchange for applique services and Marion enthusiastically took me up on my offer.  I told her I was in no rush, but to keep track of her time so that we could make sure it was a fair trade.  What seemed like just a few short weeks later Marion had the applique finished.  She said she enjoyed having a new project and does a little handwork every evening.  Her skill set is amazing.  These little tiny silk stitches wowed me to say the least!

I decided to SID around the applique and do one large spaced echo and pebble the remainder of the background.  I love adding binding to my pillows for a crisp finish and I found the perfect batik in my stash to match.

The kit suggested adding velcro or buttons for the back closure.

Now check out the beautiful top I got to quilt for Marion!!

This rich beauty was a Block of the Month for from a number of years back.  I know Marion changed out some of the colours to make it her own.

Marion selected Quilter Dream blend batting,  the "Come Dance with Me" pantograph and a goldy/green thread that blended nicely with the variety of fabrics.

Marion decided to use up some of the matching batiks on the back.

Marion and I were both happy to share our skills on each other's projects, but I think I got the better end of this deal!


  1. Trading your talents is a wonderful way to have hand stitching or long arm quilting done, the pillow is amazing, and a binding is a great way to give an edge that stands out and lots easier than a piping. The quilt, what fantastic colours.

  2. Great trade! I knew you would figure something out! ;)

  3. Your pillow is lovely, the binding frames it so nicely! How nice you could trade work with a friend. I think you both got a good deal. Happy stitching!