Monday, May 25, 2020

Floss Bracelet

This cheerful quilt is from a pattern called "Floss Bracelet" from the Missouri Star Quilt Compnay.  The kit was put together by Keystone Modern Creative and was pieced by my daughter Kendra while she took breaks from her University assignments.

I decided light custom quilting was the right approach for this quilt.  When I loaded it onto my machine the was a lot of wide open white space to tackle first.

Freehand daisy's and loops seemed to compliment the quilt name well and the colors would be perfect for a tween or teen girl in your life.

 The colourful fabric is Kaleidoscope from Alison Glass.  It is woven cotton that isn't as thick as linen, but has more texture and body than a standard cotton. I stitched in the ditch between the blocks to give some crispness and did small u-turns in the thin white sections.

This fabric bolt end was sure the perfect backing.  It was worth a little extra piecing to make it work!

This is sure a cheerful little project.


  1. Gorgeous quilt, Kendra. A wonderful design, great piecing and that backing.....WoW, so perfect. The quilting design is also perfect, especially once one gets a glance at the backing.