Monday, June 15, 2020

Color Play

I love my work as a longarm quilter as I get to be up close and personal with quilts that I know I would never make but love.  This quilt made by Solange uses color, value and print in only a way that someone with a natural artist's eye could.

This quilt is a gift for Solange's sister who was present at our drop off appointment and help to select the pantograph design and thread color.  The Bora Bora pantograph flows effortlessly over the quilt top and a murky So Fine thread #516 called Gondola Gold, blended in perfectly across the rainbow of colors.

Surprise!  Look at the fabulous red backing to top this masterpiece off.

I can honestly say I never would have considered brown as the backdrop for a rainbow colored quilt top.  My head usually goes to black or white or maybe grey, but I need to expand my horizons!

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