Thursday, June 11, 2020

Three Quilts for Lucky Kids

I had the pleasure of quilting three lovely quilts destined for children special to my clients.  The first is this cute monkey themed baby quilt made by Tracy.  She asked for custom quilting to highlight the stars.

Swirls in the border and some continuous curves in the background did the job.

The second quilt for Tracy contained some "vintage" fabric so she asked for an all over design for added strength and stability.  We chose a freehand "3 an E" design that I could quilt in a scale that suited the size of the quilt.

This last quilt was made by Inez for her granddaughter.  Quilt'er's Dream Puff batting and a minkee backing made for a very cuddly quilt.  Inez chose the Raindrops pantogrpah which sets the simple piecing off very nicely.

1 comment:

  1. Inez, I can see little fingers adding up the blocks, or finding a different letter or colour, lovely backing, turn the top over and it all matches up together. Quilts for little ones, so rewarding to see them finished and quilted, love all the designs you chose to highlight everything there.