Monday, July 20, 2020

Blue and White King

I think this lovely king size quilt could have happily stayed and lived on my queen size bed don't you?

This blue and white beauty was made by Karen as a surprise for a good friend of hers. Her friend decided to repaint her bedroom while the quilt was under construction, but luckily it still matches! Karen tossed in a little gold into the mix because her friend happens to be a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan.

When Karen was making this quilt she texted, to ask just how big a quilt my machine could handle (as she would add borders accordingly.)  This one weighed in at 107" x 107" so it easily fit on my 12' frame.  If you are curious,  I can load a 120" wide piece of backing fabric.  Length isn't a problem - to date the record is 136"!

Karen chose the Knit 1 Purl 2 pantograph and white thread top and bottom.  I think the result is very pretty.

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