Friday, May 7, 2021

Broken Star

This beautiful Broken Star quilt belongs to Gay.  It is very special to her as the top was made by her dear friend Ann who recently passed away.  I was honored to be asked to help make this treasure into a finished quilt.

Gay knew that she did not want dense quilting, as she wanted the quilt to have a nice drape when it was done.  She also knew that she wasn't fond of the continuous curve design that is often quilted on the coloured diamonds.  So the design plan became feathers, feathers and more feathers (but nice open ones.)

Each large diamond sections received a open feather plume in peach thread.  

I quilted a feather wreath in the background squares and flowing loose feathers in the corners in a cream coloured thread.  


When the quilt was on the frame and I was only seeing small sections at a time, I was worried that I might have missed the mark on the size of the feathers.  They seemed really big, but I trusted the vision.  Once I pulled the quilt off the frame I loved the result, and was pretty sure I had fulfilled Gay's request.

And a few more pictures, because I just love it so much!


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