Sunday, May 9, 2021

Double Diamonds Bargello

This lovely Double Diamond Bargello quilt was brought to me by Ann.  She collected the fabrics over the last 10 years and was thrilled to get all her treasures made into a quilt for her.  It is hard to get a true appreciation for the size of this King Size quilt as it tops my queen size bed.

Ann chose the Feather Curl pantograph for the quilting and i used a shiny Magnifico thread in a muted purple color. It is such a pretty finish for this quilt.

The quilting looks lovely on the flannel backing as well, but let me warm you a king size bargello with a flannel back does not make for a light quilt!  Ann is going to stay fit making her bed everyday.....



  1. Wow, those fabrics are delightful, and the size, a quilt to be enjoyed every single day.