Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pair of Bookcase Quilts

I recently had the opportunity to quilt a pair of amazing bookcase quilts.  These quilts were made by husband and wife quilting duo, Fred and Betty for their two granddaughters. (Fun Fact:  I used to babysit Fred and Betty's children when I was a young teenager so this experience was extra cool for me.)

The amount of personalization and detail is just phenomenal and I am sure these quilts will be treasured forever.  The pictures I am sharing will only give you a taste of everything that was included.  


Fred and Betty requested that the quilts be similar but different.  We kept the straight line quilting on the bookcase parts the same, but changed up the background and border designs.  Truly, most of the quilting was stitching in the ditch around the books and other elements on the shelves.

The first quilt got a triangle meander design in the background and a larger version in the border.

The second got branding curls in the background and a fun design that Betty and Fred suggested for the border.

Fred and Betty used so many interesting fabrics that really reflected the original book colours, the also had crisp bright photo transfers and a ton of embroidery.  Truly a labour of love.  I'm just going to share a bunch of photos for you to enjoy.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are phenomenally beautiful quilts, in both detail and design. I'm also impressed by the breadth of books displayed and am honoured two of mine (Stolen Child and Don't Tell the Enemy) are included. Those grandchildren are voracious readers!

  2. Those are really fabulous quilts.