Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cindy's Landmark Quilt

Cindy made this neutral and modern version of the Landmark Quilt by The Blanket Statement.  Cindy selected the Arrowful pantograph and I love the little bit of movement it adds.  We opted for a cream colored thread that blended into the background to not distract from the pattern.  The quilting always shows up so wonderfully on the cozy fireside backing.

I tried a new photo location in town that I hadn't really checked out before.  We also used a new tool....

This is Nolan, the quilt husband/quilt holder who never complains, even when conditions are less than optimal.

I saw this idea somewhere online (I wish I remember who to credit) of adding clamps to some sticks to assist in quilt holding.  I showed it to Nolan and he made his own version.  I believe the original used duct tape, but Nolan opted for a screw and some artificial sinew to lash the clamps on the sticks to create his "arm extensions.'

This lovely mural was located in the wind tunnel created by two buildings...I'll show you the not so glamourous behind the scenes.  Let's set sail....

Let's wait out this gust for a bit....

Almost.... his reach is greatly increased with the new tool  - this quilt was about 80" x 98"!



  1. Great innovation, a lot easier than carrying along huge tripods or ladders, The murals, they add a lot to the background.

  2. Great idea for the those arm extensions!