Monday, November 22, 2021

My Christmas Ornament Quilt

I am excited to share a quilt that belongs to me!  I participated in a "Queen Bee" block swap with some friends this year.  There were 9 in our group.  Everyone was assigned a month to be "Queen."  My month was February.  Ahead of your month you select a block pattern and send it to the other participants and they make 2 blocks with the colors or other details you specified.  When it is your month,  you wait for the happy mail to start arriving!  

I selected this 12" Ornament block from Heather at The Sewing Loft blog, and sent everyone the Ruby Star Society Pine Speckled background fabric. I asked them to fussy cut something from their Christmas fabrics for the center.  (I am really glad I fully made a sample as there was an error in the pattern that I could correct before having everyone start on their blocks.)

I decided to add the eight pointed star sashing and added a thin gold border to tie it all together.

I selected the Gingersnap pantograph and used my favorite gold thread - Magnifico 2063 - Clover honey to add even more sparkle and shine to the quilt.


Here are some close ups of the fabulous fussy cut centres that everyone chose especially for me.  I feel pretty lucky to have such great quilty friends!




  1. Yours to keep always, love those centres, and the sparkles, a truly Christmassy Quilt.

  2. Wow, wow, and wow. I always love all your quilts patterns and colours. Such amazing taste of colours you have and ideas about design.