Friday, June 22, 2012

Another top

As I am impatiently waiting for my thread order to arrive so I can continue to practice my quilting I took some time to finish piecing another baby quilt top.  The used the "girl" panel and 6 coordinating fat quarter that I had received as a prize from the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks blog tour. I found the bright pink in my stash (part of the Northcott winnings that are kicking around).

 I decided to be really thrifty and piece a scrappy binding from what was leftover.

And since I didn't have thread to quilt anything else, I decided to dye some backings.  Dyeing is not an exact science for me at all, but these turned out exactly how I was hoping they would.



  1. You have been a busy girl, wish I had some of your ambition. I have had no desire to sew for a while now, but that could be because my 7700 is causing me grief. Am waiting for Nadine to go to Saskatoon, so she can take it to Creative House Sewing center for me.

  2. Ain't RVing grand. Sitting at the picnic table under the awning writing this and enjoying Lloydminister. It must be extremely nerve wracking waiting for your thread to arrive. You have spent the time well though and those backings are right on. I am especially fond of the green as I used a piece from the Dyemond collection (!) that was probably exactly the same colour. I will be wanting more of the colour someday as I have barely a scrap left---it keeps being just the right colour. Take care.